In the softest way

As I’m seated in a busy room I think about a poem, and how the poet encourages the reader to rage, rage against the dying of the light. And when I think of that, I think about how I cannot do that, even if I tried, even if I wanted to. Because as I sit... Continue Reading →

So in love

i once said that I was so in love that it shook my soul. It was true, it shook my souls to the very core. However, I used to think that was a good way to be in love; I found out painfully that I was wrong. My soul was shaken harder than I had... Continue Reading →


Whisper to me. Quietly in the night, when the entire world is sleeping save the crickets and owls, I want you to whisper to me. So quietly your words will be carried through the wind that the frogs will miss it in their chatter, and the fish that wander the land when no one else... Continue Reading →

I write about you sometimes

His skin was warm, like the sun beating down on you on a summers day. With it brought the same comfort and ease the sun brings. The spring air coming through his window felt uncomfortably hot, a contrast to the cool Vermont air we were so used to. I watched his eyes flutter, half asleep,... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone! I have been on  little bit of a hiatus ever since leaving school in May, and for that I apologize. I have had a lot going on with transferring schools, and then I was working three jobs for a little while. I am down to working two jobs, which still takes up a... Continue Reading →

No-Poo Challenge Pt. 2

HELLLLOOOOOO ALLLL!!!! I just took my second BS/ACV wash. I went four days in between washes this first time. I also added a diluted Apple Cider Vinegar mix as the condition from the neck down to my hair. After the first wash I noticed my hair felt really dry so I added some coconut oil... Continue Reading →

No-poo Challenge!

And no I'm not talking about stopping my bowl movements, lol! I've seen lots of things about people dropping their shampoo in place of baking soda and less washing. I have naturally curly hair and have seen pictures of this working wonders for people with hair just like mine. Wanting to do it, I've researched... Continue Reading →

Spring morning

I want so badly for it to feel like a spring morning. The cool air feeling like the day will be warm. Birds chirping. Stretching endlessly in bed, ruffling blankets because it feels so good. Spring mornings are like new beginnings, especially at the start when they are fresh; shaking winter from our shoulders, reminding... Continue Reading →

April Plan With Me

Sorry I skipped March! But dang wasn't that the longest month ever? I feel like February flew but and March has dragged on! And we still aren't done!! So close. I'm feeling a little homesick today, I go home for Easter on Sunday, I wish I could today but I have a meet tomorrow, which... Continue Reading →

Golden hour

Since turning nineteen, life has been overwhelmingly yellow. I could recount all the moments that felt yellow, but that would take too long. I find little things in each day that are good, that are happy. -----///////////////// Lazy days, pjs and warm cuddles. I wish I could find words to describe how beautiful those twenty... Continue Reading →

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